South shore residents concerned over health care

    Humber Arm South Mayor says half of residents without a family doctor.

    Some communities along the south shore of the Bay of Islands are very concerned about health care. Humber Arm South Erica Humber-Shears says it’s a big issue because the city of Corner Brook can’t accommodate the residents of outside communities. She says the resources aren't there and people have to travel to St.John's as a result. Mayor Humber-=Shears says we are an aging population with a growing need for medical care and it's the same throughout rural areas. The Mayor says about 50 percent of the people living in the communities of Humber Arm South do not have a family doctor. She says a lot of the residents were patients of the Murray Clinic and could not find a doctor when the clinic closed. Humber-Shears says nurse practitioners could solve the problem if they were covered under MCP. Health Minister Tom Osborne told BOIR News, “private, for profit health care is not the focus right now”

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