More tension in the crab fishery dispute

    The crab dispute has been ongoing for a month and tension is mounting.

    The Association of Seafood Producers (ASP)  held a news conference late yesterday afternoon, upset over what they say is FFAW’s lack of leadership and bullying. The crab dispute has been ongoing for a month and tension is mounting. Crab buyers say from harvesters to plant workers, to truck drivers and dockside monitors, to suppliers and support services, there is enormous stress and economic strain being placed on rural, coastal communities. ASP says the union’s only solution is to ship crab out of the province, eliminating jobs here at home. Many harvesters are geared-up to go fishing but they are afraid to do so. Harvesters share of the current market price at $2.20 a pound  is 54%.  Meanwhile, the rest of Atlantic Canada has been fishing crab and reaping the benefits.

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