Life savers recognized

    Mr. Roland Beanland and Mr. John Tobin were thanked for helping to save the life of a man in March

    Two depot employees have been recognized for saving a man’s life. Transportation and Infrastructure employees from the Cold Brook Depot, Roland Beanland and John Tobin, were conducting a regular road condition check. It was March 21st and on Route 460 when they came upon a damaged vehicle. A young man was still seated behind the wheel, and the vehicle had hit a moose.  While the driver was conscious, he was not coherent. The men called 911 and attended to the young man.  At times, they thought they had lost him, but they continued their efforts to keep him conscious and alive. The young man had sustained serious injuries and the doctor stated it was most likely their efforts that kept him alive. In the House of Assembly late yesterday, members were asked to rise and thank Mr. Roland Beanland and Mr. John Tobin for their valiant efforts in helping to save a life.

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